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240KG Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer 380V 50HZ Capacity 18 M3 / Min

240KG Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer 380V 50HZ Capacity 18 M3 / Min

    • 240KG Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer 380V 50HZ Capacity 18 M3 / Min
    • 240KG Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer 380V 50HZ Capacity 18 M3 / Min
    • 240KG Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer 380V 50HZ Capacity 18 M3 / Min
  • 240KG Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer 380V 50HZ Capacity 18 M3 / Min

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: ZAKF
    Certification: CE, ISO9001
    Model Number: AD-15HTF

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Price: usd$200~15000/set
    Packaging Details: wooden case
    Delivery Time: 3~15 workdays
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 15000set/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: 380V 50HZ Capacity 18m3/min 240KG Compress Refrigerated Air Dryer Capacity: 18m3/min
    Power: 380V/50HZ Compressor Power: 3.5/3
    Fan Power: 2*90 2*150 Air Pipe Size: DN65
    Dimension: 1360*710*1210


    240KG Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer 380V 50HZ Capacity 18 M3 / Min




    380V/50HZ Power dryer 


    Capacity 18m3/min dryer 


    240KG Cooling dryer 


    Compress Refrigerated Air Dryer 



    Model AD-15HTF AD-20HTF AD-25HTF AD-30HTF AD-40HTF AD-50HTF AD-60HTF



    18 25 28 33 45 55 65
    Power 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ



    3.5/3 5.0/4.0 6.0/4.5 6.5/5 10/7.5 12/7.5 12/7.5
    Fans power















    Air pipe DN65 DN80 DN80 DN100 DN100 DN125 DN125
    Weight 240 280 380 480 620 780 970
    Dimension Length 1360 1360 1670 1840 2000 2350 2550
    Width 710 710 750 850 950 1050 1100
    High 1210 1210 1575 1645 1740 1920 1940



    Noted For Use


    1) Compressed air inlet temperature is too high, the ambient temperature is too high (40 ℃ or more), the use of flow over the rated amount of air handling, voltage fluctuations of more than ± 10%, poor ventilation (winter ventilation, or room temperature will rise ), Etc., the protection circuit will play a role, light off, stop running.
    2) When the air pressure is higher than 0.15MPa, the normally open automatic drainage drain can be closed. When the displacement of the cold and dry machine is too small, the drain outlet is in the open state and the air is blown out.
    3) poor quality of compressed air, such as mixing with dust and oil, these stolen goods will adhere to the heat exchanger to reduce its efficiency, while drainage is also easy to failure. It is desirable to set the filter at the inlet of the dryer and to confirm that the drainage is not less than once a day.
    4) The dryer's vents should be cleaned once a month with a vacuum cleaner.
    6) If the use of automatic drainage, should always check its drainage function is normal. Always clean the condenser dust and so on. Always check the refrigerant pressure to determine whether the refrigerant leaks and whether the capacity of the refrigerator has changed. To check whether the temperature of the condensed water is normal.



    How to deal with the Leakage of Fluoride


    The most intuitive performance is the refrigerant pressure gauge is zero. How to deal with the Leakage of fluoride,  the first thing is to find where is leak, it need to be patient and careful with some method. First, use the visual method, open the machine board to observe the internal machine, as the refrigerant is running, there will be compressor oil mixed in, if the freon will leak out of the lubricating oil, then carefully observe the machine inside , If there is a sheet of oil with, it is likely to be a leak. And then check the machine inside the capillary brass, that is, those thin 6 mm below the brass and the process tube, there is no break phenomenon. After the above basic inspection, the place of doubt is well marked. Then you need to add a certain pressure by the inert gas to confirm the leak. Conditional circumstances best to use nitrogen to keep pressure, there is no nitrogen gaseous freon is also OK, strictly prohibited with oxygen pressure leak, it is court death.
    (Low cubic meter only refrigerant low pressure table, more than 15 cubic meters of high and low pressure two refrigerant table), pressurized to 0.2Mpa (2.0kgf (2.0kgf), the pressure of the pressure of the refrigerant, ) When the temporary stop, and then carefully listen to whether the internal leakage of the machine under the sound, if there can be found where the sound leak. If not then continue to pressurize to 0.4-0 .5 Mpa. Then find a piece of sponge dipped in soapy water, just suspect the place first check, and then check the machine inside all the connecting pipe (copper nut). If there are leaks, there will be bubbles blowing out, this process requires very careful. If the above method or did not find the leak, then unfortunately, most likely the evaporator leakage. Evaporator internal leakage treatment is too much trouble. First of all must be confirmed, you can disconnect the evaporator and refrigeration system, and then separate the pressure to confirm, if the pressure alone found that pressure can be determined. There is also a relatively simple method is to open the compressed air inlet, if the refrigerant pressure gauge in a period of time after the pressure rise, it can also be sure that the cooling system and air systems connected, because their only exchange site is the evaporator. It is also possible to determine the evaporator internal leakage.
    Found after the leak is the trap, according to the different points of leakage for the flare loose these leaks, just do the corresponding fastening with the wrench, if the type of copper pipe welding leak, you need to use brazing . Brazing is the refrigeration repair industry, the most commonly used one of the skills, the so-called brazing is the use of oxygen and acetylene flame to heat the low-silver electrode and the required repair welding parts, welding rod and welding parts together so that the leakage point plugging Methods. Soldering should be the first cooling system pressure spill, and then use the brazing gun to open the first acetylene, after the appropriate point by adding oxygen, and gradually adjust the ratio of oxygen and acetylene gas, the flame into a neutral flame - oxidation flame, and then heat The required welding parts and silver electrode to dissolve the two together. Specific methods require the operator to master a certain training. Once the leak has been processed, the system needs to be pressurized again to confirm that the trap was successful.
    Trapping is completed, the need for vacuum pumping system, and then add the provisions of the quality of liquid Freon (the specific number of reference to the basic configuration table), plus refrigerant from the cold and dry machine dedicated to add liquid needle valve to join. For larger machines, fluoride should be added from the high-pressure charging port first, if not a one-time plus complete the prescribed dose, and so on after starting slowly from the low pressure port to the prescribed dose.

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